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Alexander Isak. Where to next?

The Young Eritrean-Swede who is having an incredible season at the age of 22 is destined for greatness. He seems to be in the right place at the right time as many clubs are desperate for his services. Alexander has been doing so well that news headlines seem to be curious to find out which premiere league team he will be heading to. After announcing a couple of weeks ago that he does have an interest in the world's top league, many rumors have been flowing around that he may go to several of the teams struggling in the British premier league. Meanwhile some news paper headlines are giving him credit for putting his current team in La liga in 1st place through his amazing streak of scoring goals. One paper wrote:

"If you’re looking for reasons why Real Sociedad lead the La Liga standings heading into the November international break, look no further than Alexander Isak."

More pundits are predicting that the young focused man will be headed to England following this season. We ask our readers where do you think Alexander Isak will end up? The choice is yours but according to reports some of the teams interested are Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona both and others including Manchester United. Please engage with us as we follow the journey of this young man who seems to have captured the football/soccer world with his ability to remain calm outside of the pitch but focused inside of it. Meanwhile, we shall keep you update on the Balon De' Ore and FIFA players of the year results soon. It's a pity Alexander was not eben thought of in the top 30 candidates while on the positive side he is still young.

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