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Calgary Flames NHL Eritrean-Swede & a Kenyan-Swede working together to build hockey in Africa.

While the Stanley Cup playoffs were being played in North America, the two were in Nairobi, Kenya trying to educate Kenyans on the finer points of the game except without Ice. The Twenty-four-year-old Calgary Flames defenceman who grew up watching the 39-year-old Johnny Oduya, as he played close to a 1000 games in the NHL in a 12 year career made their way to one of the most popular countries in Africa. They were both playing roller hockey with kids from the city streets of Nairobi. They were also treated to the Kenya Ice Lions, the country's sole team playing organized hockey.

Both players were giving back to their mother land by visiting and having an impact on the kids. The players both who grew up in the Sweden and both playing defence men were able to donate equipment that they took with them through sponsors. They visited neighbourhoods around Nairobi as they were able to meet and greet with the local people. It is within this spirit that Eri-internationalsports.org has been working hard to help sports in Eritrea. Oliver Kylington who is very connected to Eritrea has told us that he plans to go to Eritrea and visit the country when the time allows it. He expressed his strong bond with Eritrea through his mother and her relatives who live in Eritrea.

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