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Eritrea national football/soccer team in Namibia.

An own goal and a defensive mishap allowed Namibia to defeat Eritrea in Asmara's Chichero stadium by a close score of 2-1. There were a lot of bright lights during the game as mostly home grown players were used to start and finish the game. Most of the international contingent from the diaspora also arrived late as some of the most talented players were not able to play in the first game.

Henok Goitom However played and lead the team to a scoring opportunity as he took a through ball from midfielder Eyob Tewolde and crossed it over to Ali Suleman who put Eritrea on the board.

Meanwhile, Eritrea is now deep as coach Alemseghed Efrem has his job cut out for him with close to 20 players available to represent the Red Sea Camels from all over the world. The term "hade hizbi, hade Libi" seems to be playing out here "One people One Heart" and as the ENFF is slowly developing its program, the Eritrean nation is lucky to have such outstanding young men that can represent their nation with the highest honor.

Eritrean soccer, Henok Goitom, Redsea Camels soccer
Eritrea Redsea Camels football team 2019

Stay tuned on Tuesday September 10th, 2019 as Eritrea take on Namibia in Windhoek's Sam Nujuma stadium starting at 1pm. If Eritrea wins by a two goal margin, it will advance while a tie of any number would allow Namibia to go through to the next stage which is the group stage.

In other regional news Somalia in a huge upset defeated Zimbabwe 1-0 while Ethiopia drew with Lesetho and was able to advance to the group stage on goal differentials. Djibouti on the other hand was also able to get a win against Eswatini (Formerly Swaziland) by winning 2-1 at home.

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