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Eritrea Red Sea Camels lose 2nd leg in Namibia.

Petrus Shitembi produced a sterling performance to lead the Brave Warriors to a 2-0 victory over a well-organised Eritrea on Tuesday evening at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, as Namibia qualified for the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stages. The victory follows a 2-1 win in Eritrea last week, giving Namibia a 4-1 aggregate win. Namibia started off the game strong but the Eritrean defense despite a struggle were able to stop the Namibians.

Eritrea utilizing mostly home grown players even though the services of several diaspora based players were available grew in confidence and managed to test the Namibian goal keeper with a free-kick, but it was Namibia who struck first in the 24th minute when Absalom Iimbondi beat the Eritrean goalkeeper with a powerful shot after another Error by the Eritrean defenders.

Eritrean homegrown and diaspora players must collaborate in the future.

Eritrea captain, Henok Goitom, nearly grabbed an equaliser on the stroke of halftime but his shot missed the crossbar by inches to leave the score at 1-0 for the host at half time. Meanwhile, Eritrea utilized the services of Mohamed Saeid from Sweden's Ik Sirius as he made his debut and played very well. Lots of lessons to be learned by the ENFF as the collaboration between the home grown players and diaspora based players must be seriously taken for future games. Coach Alemseged did what he thought was the right thing to do as the lead coach but the additional international players on defense could have made some difference as the a couple of Eritrean based players were lacking in size. Namibia will now play in the group stages of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, which kick off in March 2020.

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