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Eritrean-Brit Mohamed Adams Nasser transfers to defending MLS champions Atlanta United FC.

Atlanta United acquired defensive midfielder Mo Adams from the Chicago Fire on Wednesday. As most of you know Eri-internationalsports.org has been following Mo from his college days at Syracuse University. Mo is a very hard working player that should be used as an example to other Eritrean diaspora and home grown players. In Chicago for the past 2 years after being drafted in the 10th round two years ago, he was able to prove that he was a top notch player. He played at Syracuse with Atlanta United’s Miles Robinson who will rejoin him with the defending MLS champions.

“Mo is a talented young player with the ability to play multiple positions for us,” Vice President and Technical Director Carlos Bocanegra said in a statement released by the team. “We like his versatility and his competitiveness will serve us well moving into the second half of the season.”

Mo Adams in Action with the Chicago Fire of the MLS.

Mo who left Eritrea at a young age for Nottingham England excelled in football and was selected to play for the Derby county academy and eventually with Nottingham Forest's academy. He had some injuries that he overcame when he was recruited to play at Syracuse University where he was a great student athlete. The college game helped Mo get to the Professional ranks as he had two excellent seasons with Syracuse University and played against the University of Akron's Eritrean-American Ezana Kahsay.

Mo Adams meeting Eritreans in Minnesota after one of his games.

After being drafted by the Chicago Fire in the top 10 he made his mark as a great defender challenging some of the best forwards in the league. Mo recently was able to acquire a green card allowing him to play with MLS teams here without being considered an international player. He has expressed an interest to play for the Eritrean national team. Congratulations to Mo on joining the best team in the MLS.

Mo Adams at Syracuse University where he was a standout student-athlete.

Eri-internationalsports.org would like to encourage Eritreans in the Atlanta metro to go and support Mo Adams.

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